It’s Getting Better All The Time …

I found a little help with this site. What do you think? It’s not great, but I think it will suit my needs for the time being.

I’m visiting in Cali this week and even spend a little time on the beach–no diving- but oh, well. The grankidlets are l0ving having Damma Susie hewe wif dem.

Poppy’s Anthem has all 5 star reviews so far. I’m so relieved. People are telling me they love Heath and Poppy and that it is hard to guess what’ll happen next and that is good news for me. I think I am quiet predictable, so …

I even FINALLY broke 29 reviews on Wet Part 1. Amazon seemed determined to keep me at 29, taking one away everytime a new one pops up. (I hope it sticks this time and it’s not just a glitch that they’ll figure out soon)


If writing a review intimidates you, just remember, “I liked this book because …” That’s it! Don’t retell the story in your own words, and you don’t have to write a thought-provoking, best review ever. Just a simple, I liked because …

THANK YOU!!!!! ❤

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