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I suck at this blog stuff. How long has it been??? Sorry about that.

It feels like I don’t have much to say, but this summer was the craziest summer I think I’ve ever had. I figured out I was on an airplane every single weekend up to my son’s wedding in August, except for 3 — and 2 of those, I was still traveling, but by car. Wow!

I should do a travel blog. 2018 was my most traveled so far. Kicking it all off, I had Booksplash 2018–awesome event. Definitely should be on your bucket list to do at least once. I’m hooked.

I went to Iowa to see my oldest daughter and help her out the last few days of her pregnancy-and hoping baby would be born since she was about 10 days overdue. I missed her but got to meet her in July and see her again in August when I flew to NJ to babysit while her mommy attended a medical conference.

Grand Cayman the week of June 1. Awesome. I’ve been there a lot lately and it is really growing on me instead of getting bored with it. Boise for My H’s work. My class reunion in Baker, OR.

Wow, starting to scratch my head already, trying to remember where I went. Getting old sucks!

Readers and Writers in Seattle in July- also awesome.

Son’s wedding to his beautiful bride, Lindsey. Such a beautiful wedding. Son had a special request for the mother-son dance. We re-enacted the dance scene from Pulp Fiction … kind of. It was a blast, but pushed me a little beyond my comfort zone–not a bad thing at all! (Incriminating footage on my Facebook page if you must)

Lighthouse Reef, Long Caye, Belize, July, for amazing diving. Dived the Blue Hole for the first time and broke my depth record with a dangerous 136 ft (only certified to go to 130, so please don’t tell the Scuba Police on me) The diving there was awesome and we saw sharks almost every dive. I’d like to go back.

Went to New York twice in one year, never in years before. First time was when I stayed pretty much in a hotel room and loved on my newest granddaughter (see above). Second time was for the Tempted and Tantalizing New York Author event. That was a blast! Got to hang with so many friends, see NY city for the first time-Thanks Kathy Jo and Mary Heller for being my sight-seeing partners. Jen Sully and her beautiful daughter, too.

Oh, and my good friend, Mary Hyland came to see me at the event. She was my awesome roommate from Booksplash. I loved seeing her again.

I head to Las Vegas this weekend for the last event of the year. Next one after that will be Booksplash again, though they are calling it Novella and it is in April instead of February.

Hope to see you at an event someday. Love making new friends.

Pictures: Stuart Reardon, Dan Rengering, Jack and Piper Davenport, Mary Hyland, Cassia Brightmore and Charlie Dex Alexander, Tracy Janosko, Jen Sully, Thia Finn, our NY crew, Mary Heller and Kathy Jo, Angera Allen …… So much fun!

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