So, this whole Covid thing is about to drive me insane. I hang on, of course, but there is just this underlying tension in my heart. All my author events are cancelling, all my vacations are cancelling … I know it’s for the best, but darn!!! I’m used to traveling on the regular.

One thing I have learned: I was previously concerned about My H retiring in a 4-5 yrs, as I’m so used to having 10-14 hrs a day to myself, and while, yes, he does come in at times when I am in the ‘heat’ of writing, and yes, he does interrupt me … “I’m sorry to interrupt, but …” and then he does, but over all, I kind of like having him here with me. I kind of like hearing him on the phone, doing his business, and I kind of like having him home where I can give him “those” eyes, and make things happen … yes, still.

The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is the violence I see in SO MANY people, the rioting–under the guise of protesting–while they are mobbing cars and throwing rocks at innocent people for simply driving through an area they didn’t realize was “occupied.” Right here in Provo, next door to me, this $#!& is going on–they shot twice at a driver, yelling, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us!”

It breaks my heart, and frankly, scares the $@!& out of me! I had no idea this was going on in my own neighborhood. I could have easily found myself driving down ‘that’ street, getting mobbed … and !!!shot at!!! simply because I was driving through, instead of “with them”, mobbing cars and shooting at the drivers.

This is what has me depressed beyond recognition of my own peaceful self. I’m normally and easy-going, peace-loving, too-empathetic person. It hurts so much, I can’t hardly function at the moment.

Calling on all the positive energy the universe has to spare.

I’m sorry. I guess this is kind of a downer post, but truth. Sadly.

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