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Review of Dirty Vows, by Paige Steele

I've read every book in this series so far, and what a fun story. Watching Cooper and Ansley grow up has been a fun, and sometimes painful ride--ride--get it? Beautifully Dirty is a series about hot dirt-bike riders ... But to see them finally get to this point in their relationship - I kept waiting... Continue Reading →

Book Review of Unsocial by Nicole Dykes

  Read Unsocial for only $0.99 I think I've read every book Nicole Dykes has written so far, and I will continue to read them as fast as she can pop them out. I love her style, her characters, and the relationship development in each and every story, though, I must say, //" target="_blank">Unsocial is on a... Continue Reading →

Nice Getaway

I just got back from visiting one of my daughters and her little family in CA. I had a good time and miss them already. I need to figure out how to make the granny visiting circuit on a regular basis. The fam is too spread out. And grandkidlets are very creative. Tractor tires make... Continue Reading →


I'm frustrated each time I check in and see that the things I'd doing to make this site look the way I want, are not working. UGH!!! I wouldn't say I'm a perfectionist --  My Hero (H) would laugh at the thought -- but I do like certain things just so. UGH!!! again.  It shouldn't... Continue Reading →

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